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ADHD: Counselor, client and/or family work on building skills in memory, focusing skills increased and task completion enhanced by using lists, behavioral charts, games and an individualized rewards/punishments system.

Depression: Counselor, client/family will use positive affirmations, identifying and changing negative thoughts and increase use of healthy coping skills (drawing, exercise, writing, social activities, etc..) and increase activity levels.

Anger: Counselor and client and/or family will learn to identify triggers of anger, learn and practice anger management techniques and relaxation skills to help decrease anger.

Anxiety: Counselor and client and/or family will learn symptoms and signs of anxiety and use relaxation skills to minimize symptoms and maximize their daily happiness.

Child, tween, teen Behavioral and Parenting struggles: Counselor and family work together to create functional family rules, teach use of healthy communication skills, increase positive interactions and practice/role play in sessions.

Qualified Supervision: Counselor and Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern will work together on increasing Intern's confidence in sessions, skills set in working with client's, develop a self care plan for Intern and develop their professional goals. Cases will be reviewed and discussed with clinical interventions in supervision

Group Therapy: Counselor will guide group in learning to use effective social skills with peers. They will learn how to express themselves well, make and keep friends in a safe environment. Group members will practice and learn how to improve body language and other non verbal skills that help them to be successful in social situations.

EN ESPANOL: Yo ofrezco servicios en Espanol para ninos y familias. Yo he servido a la comunidad Hispana en Orlando desde hace 8 anos. Las terapias tanto individual como grupal se cobran por hora (50 minutos). La terapia que ofrezco es para ninos y familas que necesitan ayuda con el Sindromo de Falta de Atencion e Hiperactividad (por sus siglas en ingles ADHD), depression, enojos, ansiedad, comportamientos negativos y nuevo cambios dentro de la familia. Las terapias son individualizadas para cada cliente/familia. Tambien hago uso de terapia de juego, ejercicios de relajamiento y arte.

La primera evaluacion incluye: fijar las metas de las terapias y los cambios que se desean realizer.

•Me pueden llamar al 407-796-1759. Tambien pueden encontrarme en Facebook: Perez Counseling Services LLC

**All services provided with individualized treatment plan that specifies goals of therapy.  Client/family will be actively involved in developing treatment plan and direction of treatment. Call Today!
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