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    SERVING CHILDREN, TEENS, PARENTS AND FAMILIES! Growing up in Brooklyn, New York I have personally witnessed the adversity children face daily which fueled a desire to help early on. In the past 8 years as a therapist I have grown in knowledge in depression, anger, family stress, poor self control, anxiety and ADHD. My focus has been treating ages 3-18 in these areas along with enhancing family communication and peer relationships. I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology in Orlando and then obtained a degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology in Chicago. My passion for serving began in community work where I learned to assess for suicidal lethality and provided crisis intervention with adults, families and children. I had the privilege of helping client's via pro bono therapy, crisis counseling and facilitated inpatient stabilization for others. 
I then pursued my deeper passion of working with kids as a children's therapist where I served in an elementary and middle school and outpatient office setting. I developed my knowledge of group therapy, and dealt hands on with children/teens in school where they faced their dilemmas.
 I now serve in my practice on a more individual basis. I proudly work with parents on communication skills training and stress reduction at home/school. 
Treatment in my current practice will teach kiddos how to better cope with stressors and how to maintain relationships by teaching them healthy skills and using interactive therapy games.
I help you by increasing skills children, teens and families struggle with. I offer realistic interventions and useful strategies to increase quality of life and success in all areas. I offer non judgmental support and helpful feedback.
Each client also receives an individual plan of care with goals for therapy.
You have my promise that in my office you have 100% of my attention!

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